wake up america

making my way downtown.

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keep on turning it up, chandelier swinging we don’t give a *looks around and whispers* frick.

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convo with 6 year old cousin about pizza rolls.

  • me: what do you like more; pizza rolls or chicken nuggets.
  • lil cousin: pizza rolls.
  • me: pizza rolls or your mom?
  • lil cousin: *looks down at pizza rolls* *whispers* pizza rolls.

watching monsters inc.

what if all the monsters (I.g. bigfoot) get banished to the human world because they did something wrong in the monster world.

valentine’s day is almost here.

valentine’s day is almost here.

Zoey 101 // yolo

coco from Zoey 101 said you only live once way before drake used it.

'cause i'm only human.

'cause i'm only human.